Business Manager
PPA Scotland

Laura Kelly Dunlop currently heads up PPA Scotland, supporting and promoting the magazine industry across the country. She is the creative and organisational force behind Magfest – Edinburgh’s festival of magazines – and the prestigious PPA Scottish Magazine Awards. With a long history in media, Laura has contributed to a wide range of publications including The Big Issue, where she was the Arts and Features Editor; Holyrood magazine; The Herald; The Skinny and Fest. As the editor of the INSP (International Network of Street Papers) News Service, she developed and oversaw a new digital platform that enables street papers to share content all over the world.

"I am very excited to see the new innovation in online media. In my role at PPA Scotland, I am always on the look-out for exciting developments that point the way to a stimulating and sustainable future for professional content producers. I am particularly interested in the pioneering ways that online media can continue the role of building communities of shared interest; and can offer new ways for media organisations to interact with audiences."

Judging panel

Richard Hammond

Chimp Media

katie vanneck

Co-Founder and Publisher
Tortoise Media

Laura Dunlop

Business Manager
PPA Scotland

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digital editor
New Statesman

Shirong Chen

Managing Editor
Foremost 4 Media Limited

Chris Sutcliffe

freelance media journalist
Media Voices

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Senior Consultant
TH_NK Live

Matt Roper

Editor, Mobile and Online
BBC Scotland News

Peter Clifton

Press Association

Ellen Stewart

Head of Platforms

Lloyd Embley

Group Editor-in-Chief
Reach PLC

Steve Wilson-Beales

Head of Editorial

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones Reports LLC

Melissa Chapman

Chief Content Officer
Jungle Creations

Owen Wyatt

Managing Director
The Stylist Group

Jane Wolfson

Chief Agency Officer
Hearst UK

Dr Max Pemberton

Daily Mail