Editor in Chief Libelle

Hilmar Mulder (Seoul, 1968) is currently the editor in chief of Libelle, the biggest womens weekly and mediabrand of the Netherlands. Libelle got awarded as Cross Media brand of the Netherlands in 2018 and also Mediabrand of the year in 2017. Libelle.nl was chosen the most popular lifestyle site of the Netherlands in 2018.  Before being appointed to this position in 2015 she was the editor-chief of ELLE Netherlands. She was recognised with the Dutch Editor of the Year award in 2010. The jury praised her for having a strong public profile on social media and also as a fashion and celebrity expert, thanks to appearances in television programs like Holland’s Next Top Model, Shownieuws and Holland’s Best Fashion Designers. An of course there was also the unstoppable success of Grazia magazine in the Netherlands. Hilmar Mulder was the founding editor of Grazia Netherlands. Before she was appointed to launch Grazia in the Netherlands, Hilmar acted as editor-in-chief of the Dutch Cosmopolitan for more than three years, a position she obtained after successfully working as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle director for Marie Claire. At this magazine she started out as an fashion editor after preceding jobs for the weekly magazines Viva an Yes. Hilmar is a graduate of the Willem de Kooning School of Arts and lives in Amsterdam with husband and two sons.

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