Press Association

PA enables brands and organisations to tell their own stories by providing editorial content, pictures, graphics, video, TV listings and more. Every week our team of 400 journalists produce more than one million words, 2,000 images, 200 videos and 60 graphics spanning news, sport, entertainment, finance, lifestyle, motoring, real life, sci-tech and viral.

With 150 years’ experience of newsgathering and content creation, PA - the national news agency for the UK and Ireland - has an unrivalled reputation for being fast, fair and accurate. As the media landscape has evolved, so too has PA. Today, much of the content people read, see or hear continues to originate from PA.

In addition to our agenda-setting newswire feeds, you can take PA’s leading multimedia content through PA Ready and PA Now. With no editorial effort required, PA Ready gives customers a 24 hour supply of high quality content ready for immediate publication. PA Now is the perfect solution for any newsroom that wants the very latest updates, providing all the news as it breaks – in words, pictures, video, graphics and social media. PA also offers multiple page production services across specific sections to entire publications, with a range of cost-effective solutions spanning a full editorial and design service to sub-editing.