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  1. 2020

Immediate Media Co

BBC Good Food Voice Skill

Category:Best Launch/relaunch Of The Year


The challenge for a heritage brand such as BBC Good Food is to continue to remain relevant in modern multi-channel, digital world; maintaining its reputation for high quality journalism, attracting new audiences who haven’t grown-up with the brand and develop new revenue streams. 

The brand has been able to attract a new younger audience with innovative digital formats; and further drive revenues through launching  a brand new Amazon Voice skill. The new voice skill allows the user to enjoy a hands-free cooking experience, giving a richer, more interactive experience controlled entirely by voice on Alexa-enabled devices including Amazon Echo and Echo Dot with excess to over 11,000 recipes. The BBC Good Food Skill has been heavily featured in the National Press and Amazon has recognised it as one of the best recipe Skills in the world with Alexa now directing all recipes searches in the UK and Ireland to BBC Good Food - by default.

BBC Good Food has been recognised as a trailblazer in the emergent voice space and have been invited to speak at multiple conferences across Europe. But, more importantly, we have created a product that opens up new potential sources of revenue and one that helps to maintain BBC Good Food's position as the UK's home for recipes.

At BBC Good Food we’re committed to providing quality food and recipe content however and wherever our audience wants it. The way in which our users rely on and interact with us changes and deepens with every technical advancement and Voice is just that. What better use case for hands-free technology than being elbow deep in flour and butter?