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  1. 2020

JOE Media editorial team

Category:Best Commentary/blogging


In the three years that JOE has been in the UK, we have quickly built a reputation for creating 100% original, entertaining and enlightening content that engages as well as achieving scale. Our written content has our audience’s passion points, what matters (and should matter) most to them at the heart. Many of our stories have gone viral far beyond the UK and been cited on national news and current affair focused TV and radio shows here and abroad.

These pieces have been created by our diverse team of writers at JOE, who work relentlessly to ensure JOE continues to report responsibly on key interest areas and subjects of importance for our readers. A huge focus within this team is to create compelling, informative articles that may not be what a lot of our audience come to us looking for, but we think what they need to know about. Our satirical nature is something that sets our wit aside from other publishers - we go far beyond the obvious joke and the slap-stick comedy and find ways to be smarter with our humour.

There have been hundreds of comment pieces over the course of the last year which we are incredibly proud of. Here is an overview of just some of them that demonstrate our analysis, insight and wit.