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  1. 2020

Press Association

PA's Digital Sports Sales Team

Category:B2B Sales Team [New For 2016]

Client:Various Sports stakeholders (England2015 Ltd, Breathe Mobile,, Kicca Limited, BiggBalls Ltd and more)

B2B media sales are becoming more creative and more consultative. They expanded to include multiplatform deals, sponsored content, and now, in the case of the Press Association, an exponentially increasing push in reducing dependence on a traditional media clientele, which we also help with our initiatives to generate innovative and insightful solutions for their needs, in favour of new media and non-media.

As the UK national news agency, a strictly white label company and a 147-year-old institution, PA is in a good position at the centre of the media world, but also tackling many challenges to reinvent itself and develop its brand and awareness of its exceptional range of products and services outside of traditional and so-called mainstream media circles, as well as amongst content strategists in other industries.

In 2015 and Q1 2016, the digital sports sales team achieved and exceeded many of these ambitious objectives being flagbearers for our new mindset on our sales floor.