Anything that rewards the efforts of brilliant content creators is something to support. I’m looking forward to seeing work that shows it really understands its audience and is finding innovative ways to serve them.

Conor is a multi-award-winning content creative and strategist. He served as Editor of music magazine NME for seven years in the noughties where he won both BSME and PPA awards and was voted one of the 1,000 most influential people in London by the Evening Standard. Conor took the NME multi-platform, launching NME TV, NME Radio, six national tours a year, The Big Gig at The O2, ticketing and merchandising operations, and even launched and hosted the NME Awards USA in LA. He served as Chair of the BSME in 2009.
He went on to be Editor of TopGear Magazine at the BBC where he relaunched both the magazine and website. After delivering a launch project for News UK he went on to join content marketing agency Redwood as Executive Content Director, producing strategies and solutions for clients including Barclays, Virgin Media, The Co-op and The National Lottery. 
He now leads AllTogetherNow, the innovative multi-service digital engagement agency he established at The & Partnership working with (among others) Adidas, Virgin Money, Lexus, Ibiza Rocks and Argos. 
He still writes as Motors Editor of luxury lifestyle magazine Tempus. 
However, he’s also been sued by Morrissey, featured in Russell Brand’s autobiography and been held personally responsible for The Kaiser Chiefs, so it’s not all been fabulous.

Judging panel

Anna Bassi

Editor, The Week Junior

Anna Watkins

Chief Executive

Ashley Highfield

Johnston Press

Bill Hagerty

British Journalism Review

Chris Russell


Conor McNicholas


Dietmar Schantin

Institute for Media Strategies

Esra Dogramaci

Senior Editor, Digital
Deutsche Welle

Ian Burrell

Media journalist and consultant.

Iain Hepburn

Development journalist
BBC Sport Online

James Martin

Executive editor
The Huffington Post UK

Jo Morrell

Managing Editor
The Telegraph

Jon Snow

Channel 4 News

Kate Ward

Vice President of International

Keith Walker

Digital Director, Innovation
Time Inc. UK

Kevin O'Byrne

Creative Solutions Director
Time Out

Laura Swinton

Global editor
Little Black Book

Liz Vercoe

Editor and journalist

Maggie Hitchins

Digital editor-in-chief

Megan Lucero

Director of the Local Data Lab
The Bureau of Investigative Journalism

Neil Hunter

Assistant Digital Editor (Operations)

Nick Creed

The Drum

Patrick Falconer

Managing Director -United Kingdom
The New York Times

Paul Hood

Head of Digital – Technology Division

Peter Clifton

Press Association

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones Reports LLC

Seb Joseph

News Editor
The Drum

Yasir Khan

Digital Editor